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My Palawan Escapade

When I was in my mid-elementary and up to my High School days, I envied my Dad for always traveling out of town. He’s been to a lot of places when he was still working as a government official. But he never went out of the country despite having the chance for it. His principle was to be able to see the beauty of our country so that when the time comes that he will go out, he will be proud to showcase the best places in our country that he has been to. And I’m proud of him. Because by the time he already went out of the country, he was able to explore at least half of the 81 provinces of the Philippines. Maybe that’s why it has always been my goal to visit the 81 provinces of my country before planning out for a out-of-the-country tour. Sabi nga nila “huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bansa.”

When I started working, I forgot my goal to tour my country. It was only a few years back when I decided to follow what I always wanted to do. On my 28th birthday, I decided to celebrate it by traveling some friends. It was my first birthday out of town. We went to ilocos sur and norte. After that, I decided to visit Quezon province. But we weren’t able to tour Quezon because of the weather at that time. Then visited the 100 island of Pangasinan. This year, I had the chance to travel far. And with my parents which makes it really special. It was my birthday treat for myself. So last January of 2014, we went to Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

A glimpse of Tuba, Benguet. Our travel from Baguio to Manila is 8 hours. We rode the bus late so i was nervous that we might missed our flight.

Photo: And thank you Lord for the safe trip!

Good thing we didn’t. Here’s my mom & dad upon arrival at the Puerto Princesa Airport.

Photo: Good morning from palawan...

We stayed at Remari Inn which is near the Provincial Capitol.

Photo: Sharing u a glimpse of puerto princesa. Honda bay tour!

Our first was supposedly the Underground River Tour but because of the water condition, it was cancelled. So we opted for the Honda Bay Tour instead. Here’s a photo while waiting for our boat.

Photo: The luli island of palawan... #ig_4every1 #palawan #travelph #puertoprincesa #itsmorefuninthephilippines #ig_philippines #islandhopping #hondabay

The first Island we went to is the LuLi island. Asked why the name is LuLi? It’s because the island is Lulubog-lilitaw. Lulubog (disappears) during high tide and would lilitaw (appears) during low tide. Was able to do snorkeling but only for a few minutes because the wave is really that strong.

Just took a shot at it. Sorry for it ain’t clear. Told you the wave is strong.

Second stop is the Cowrie Island where we had our lunch. You can also have your massage here.

And this is found everywhere….

(to be continued)….

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A Parent’s Love

They say that nothing can compare to a parent’s love. The kind of love that is unconditional and a love that is beyond compare. And I am very lucky to have witnessed the greatest love story of all.

Even before the accident hits the media, we were already informed of the incident that took place in Tagubin, Mt. Province early morning of February 7, 2014. We were receiving endless reports coming from Bontoc such as those that needed blood and other matters. 

At around 4:30 in the afternoon, an insurance company called the office asking for assistance for the transfer of the body of a certain Andrew David Sicam and of his children. I didn’t know the story of the family at that time. All I knew is about the accident. I asked for more details and then proceeded to coordinate with some people for the possible transfer. Then, I searched for his name on the Internet. I learned that he is a musician and their travel was supposed to be celebration of the birth anniversary of his child. After proper coordination and with all the things that needed to be done, we were able to get his body from Bontoc going to Benguet then from Benguet going to Manila. Before he arrived at the office, his family came to see him and his child. I was already informed that his first child was airlifted together with his mom due to some injury and that his second child was with in a very good condition, unscathed. Some say it was a miracle that the child survived the accident with no injury nor bruises. And yes it was miracle, indeed. But more so, it was the love of his parents that saved his life. Even if they have to sacrifice their lives just to ensure the safety of their kids. They did it with no reservation or what so ever.

When the child arrived at the office, he was indeed fine and was already talking to his aunt telling them of what happened and asking for his older brother. Our volunteers told me that the kid didn’t eat much along the way. But it must’ve been a relief for him to see familiar faces that he actually request for McDo when his aunt asked him what he wanted to eat. It was such a relief to see him talking to them.

His mom, Abegail Sicam, and his brother is now at St. Lukes Hospital in manila and needs a lot of prayer for their recovery.

To the family of David and all those who died in the accident, my condolences. May God be with you during this time.

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Agos ng buhay

mahirap sumabay sa agos ng buhay. minsan kasi, sa sobrang bilis, nakakalimutan nating gawin ang mga simpleng bagay. Tumatawa ka ba pa ng buong puso. Yung walang dalang bigat na dinadala sa dibdib? yung tawang-tawa talaga? Nakapagsalamat ka na ba sa mga biyayang binibigay ng Diyos? Yung pasasalamat na walang kasamang hiling?

Mahirap sumabay sa agos ng buhay. Sa isang iglap hindi mo alam kung sino ang wala na sa’yo at kung sino pa ba ang mga naiwan. Hindi mo rin namamalayan na may mga nawala na pala. 

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus had been the talk of hollywood for days now. Why is she being scrutinized over her twerking and her nude wrecking ball video when we see a lot far more worst than what she did? i will not be defending her on the twerking incident cause i also find it disgusting but i somehow understood the wrecking ball video. listen intently to the lyrics while closing your eyes. did someone ever caused u so much pain that u felt like they stripped you out of everything you have? well thats how i understood the song. but anyways, i love miley because of her songs/music but still
hoping she’ll be able to go back on the right track. Well, she maybe getting a lot of negative comments lately but she is making history in music scene.

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doing the walk! btw, this shot and the previously posted from our subic escapade are taken using the iphone4s. all were not filtered or edited..

doing the walk! btw, this shot and the previously posted from our subic escapade are taken using the iphone4s. all were not filtered or edited..